Halogen Lights Pros and Cons

There are specific positives which are offered by the halogen light bulbs along with it; they have notable drawbacks. When you are comparing halogen bulbs with the incandescent or compact fluorescent light bulbs, you will check that there are some positives and negatives of the halogen bulbs. It is the fact that for the families the positives have overcome the negatives of the halogen bulbs.

There are some of the people who prefer other bulbs due to the economic reasons. We are going to mention some of the pros and cons of best halogen headlights; you can check them out.

halogen headlights

Halogen Bulb Lat For Long Period

When you are comparing it with other fluorescent bulbs, then halogen bulbs will last for an extended period. Furthermore, the lifespan of halogen bulbs is short than the compact fluorescent. You can properly use it for an extended period without any problem. There are some people who get the bulb which is a bit cheaper, but then they have to face the cheap results as it will work only for short duration.

Less Expenditure On Energy

It is not much energy efficient than the fluorescent bulb. We can generalize that halogen bulbs comprise 50% or less energy. It is basically equal to the standard incandescent.

No Wastage Of Mercury

There are some of the people who are very much concerned about their mother earth. To all those green people, they are very much concerned about their health and ecological risk which is mainly linked with the mercury vapors. It is the fact that mercury vapors are majorly found in the fluorescent bulbs. When talking about the halogen bulbs then they indeed don’t comprise of such risks. You can freely use them as your health is not on the stake.

More Expensive

When talking about the prices then halogen bulbs are more expensive than the normal ones. The prices of the halogen bulbs are three times more than the standard incandescent bulb. But when compared with the compact fluorescent then they are then to the cheaper ones.

Hotter Burn

Halogen LightsWhen we compare halogen bulbs with other ordinary bulbs, then they are actually hotter. Due to this fact, you can say that halogen bulbs are more prone to the risk. There are some of the significant risks associated with it which includes burning risk and fire hazard. When talking about the halogen bulbs then you should go for the one which doesn’t comprise of such risks.


We have mentioned some of the pros and cons of the halogen bulbs. You can go through them. It is the best way through which one can take a wise decision. In order to get the bulb, surely you are going to get some of the positives as well as negatives. We are here to help you out. Pros of halogen bulbs probably overshadow the cons. One can probably think of getting the one. Hope, this article will help you to take better and practical decision.